My lover, I am here…

I am here,
Circling in moments,
the outer line of
my dreams.

I lifted the veil,
Look into my face,
This body is not mine,
I don’t even know
how to begin,
the different me.

This new life
with no laundry bills,
No starch, no steaming, no cloth.
What happened to me?!

There are still voices
Humming between
My eyes
And What I feel,
Undiscovered needs
to ebb with current,
As the smell of blood
and burned flesh,
Leave the closet
The empty shelves
White in satins
Pulse with excitement
To hold
The new images
Of my stream.

How could I free
what waits in me
trapped in the web
of my old emotions,
How can I finish this aloneness
From dark paths to shiny hills
Every step I took,
I walked alone,
Tuning my being
To the sound of love
Inside my heart.

I am so tired
My human bones are broken,
Even though
soul laughs and dances
Somewhere, someone in me
Is waiting
to hear,
To say,
the final words…

Oh, my eternal lover
Let me go free
Like a drunken wind,
Let my branches break
And my fruit be eaten
By birds and hungry pedestrians.

Let this restlessness ends
Somewhere outside of time,
Come, come
Like a winter day,
Cover me with your snow,
And move inside my waiting,
Put your mouth on my warm lips,
Let it happens,
Let it happens
Let tell the world
Over and over,
How we met,
How we became one,
How my loneliness ended
Over the San Francisco’s hills
How, I finally met my groom,
How finally you
said the last words.
Set my heart free
To fly forever in your love.

Oh, my beloved,
I am here,
Circling in love,
Waiting to meet
your beautiful eyes
One last time
together, forever
Come, come.

© Serena Devi, December 2011