I lived everything

I am here
Image of you,
Blooming in love
With open arms
And boundless heart,
Expanding fearless
Out of my clay
In the beating of your wings,
Going deeper
Through the moonlight,
Your dark
Unknown blue,

In each breath
I journey my heart
Inside out
To meet your eyes,
To melt in your smile
To forget
Who is who?

Lost in each other
Tides move us
In and out of time,
as I rise
more naked and pure,
in flow
of our togetherness.
I feel weightless ,
And my heart flees
Higher and faster than ever,
I want to leave here
And be everywhere,
In the vastness of
out of time and space.
Like waves,
Your laws
move my nature
moment to moment,
Heartbreak after heartbreak
To that soundless state
That I know,
My aloneness is so huge
And the Earth is too small
To hold my love for you.

I need to be everywhere
And form is such a tight garment,
Free me of what I am,
And I fly with
Whatever strength I am left with.

There is no earth left for me,
There is no memory
There is no echo,
No unsettled
I lived everything,
With every cell
I had.
I made a garden
Full of verses of love,
Just let this rose
Die gracefully
In your arms
to begin
in forever.

© Serena Devi, January 2012, San francisco