Walk with me

Walk with me,
The hours slowing down
Light brushes
The haze away.
I wouldn’t know,
I wouldn’t guess
What is about to happen
And what lies beyond
The landscapes of my heart,
I just needed to make the walk.

Between sleep and dream
When life retires
In clouds,
I call you,
My death,
Walk with me
Into God’s silence.

In my dream
We meet the ocean
Across the Golden gate bridge,
We feed the seagulls
With walnut bread,
We look at lovers
Hand in hand,
We remember
The universe is in peace,
And the ending
of my waiting
so close,
Before the next full moon.

The abyss of my aloneness
Has passed through
Fires and tears,
The thunders
of restlessness are gone.
The hummingbird is free.
The final turn of the path
at the corner of Presidio
where silent bay meets the stars
in each wave,
My beloved God lives there.

I call you
My death,
Walk with me
Into the silent,
To sleep
In awakening bed ,
Beside the rivers
That Joined his eternal ocean.

My heart knows
She is ready
To merge,
“I “no longer know
I am no longer in my clay,
Or off this world,
I am a dust filled in light,
by light,
The anonymous prophet
Returned to a new UrShalim,
the sacred land
is where I stand.
With no name or a claim
To be crucified,
To give my life
and ask for nothing.
On the cross of
the infinite wind

I rest in forever.
Transformed in
sparkling love dust,
Hear silence
See invisible
Whirl in love
Move quietly
beyond this world.

I call you;
My death,
Walk with me
Farther than the horizons
Higher than the rainbows,
To where my beloved lives.
I lived a full circle,
With a heart full of wounds,
I made only one choice,
To love.

Behind me,
Is just a tale of a woman
Who chose or was chosen
To live as a mystic
Who was ripen in God,
Years after years,
In her heart
She burnt silently
In love,

She took all stabs
She could,
And said nothing,
just silent tears..

After million years
Climbing mountains,
valleys and hills,
She met her twin,
Image of her
in opposition,
Stretched out of t he sleep
They stole a moment from eternity
Danced together
In those endless fields of yellow tulips
Lips on lips,
embraced and burnt
in one eternal kiss.
And the next moment
The mad wind split them
In difference.

She was thrown into
The darkest places within
Naked, alone
Burnt in flames
surrendered to pain,
To death,
she died to herself,
more than once.
That is how
One is ripening
in love of God.

The world
disappeared ,
her roots
burned away.

It is the end of her dream,
Voices are gone,
The hours slowing down,
She is falling,
The ripen fruit is her heart,
She claps her hands
The child bride is dancing
Walking down the hill
Dawn will be here soon.

She is falling
into happy clouds,
The universe is in peace,
The hummingbird is free.
The feast is on.

I call you my death,
Walk with me
Into The god’s silence,
The groom is waiting
This time
my wedding.

Walk with me
the infinite love,
we will be lost
never return.

© Serena Devi, January 2012, San francisco