A red scarf

I see a beautiful house
On top of the hills.

A boat, a bird
A wanderer wood
In the ocean of space,
In distance,
The garlands of light
Above the rocky shores.
The barefoot girl
With a red scarf
In dance
Between open and close doors
Endless sound of silence,
Step by step
Whirl forward
Arriving without leaving
Without speaking words.

Footprints into the sea
Change of the color of her lips
After each kiss of wind
On skin of her soul.
Who is the ghost,
Without a body
On the railways of time
The passing larks
Surviving herself
Till the next stop.

One summer day,
Across the bay,
The world began
In her eyes,
Next to
The open fields
of yellow tulips
She kissed a stranger’s lips
Her heart twinkled
The love affair began!
He heart opened up
With pale edge of love’s sword
Kiss after kiss
the alchemy shovels
buried her leafs of dreams,
She fell in the centre of sea
To depth of aloneness,
Under silver light of the moon,
She met the eyes of her beloved
Below the bridal banner
the face of love
Seduced her inside out
Her heart got dizzy
From winds,
Thunderstorms and tear drops.

It all happened sudden,
The love affair,
The ghost
the unexpected red scarf.

No more clinging one day to another,
No stranger in the fields,
No chain or a keeper,
The constant play
inside the mind,
is gone.

Everything is made of
Clay, steel or wood
Hidden sweet mystery of love,
The only song of earth,
The red passion of wine,
The silent sound
Of the opened, closed doors.

The girl loved it all,
Danced it all,
The yellow tulip fields,
the ocean waves,
His warm lips
Until ,
The sudden night came,
through the darkness
She saw the light
The mirror was empty
Like he never existed,
And her lips never been kissed.

Ah, so everything was
her own coloring,
The world has no color.

in silence
In flow,
She dances up
The sacred spiral,
in circle of each day,
face the life as it is,
Fall in love more
with who she is
resting in peace.

The beautiful house is hers,
The waiting oak chair is hers,
The red scarf belong to her.

The seductive shore
the approaching stranger
the colors of her faraway love
all are washed away
like a white diamond
under the blissful rain.

She is complete,
Like a one single drain
of a sugar cane
purified in love,
in her own heart.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2012, Lewes, England