The begining of silence

I lived a life
Part in a dream
Part in real,
In fullness of moments,
I lived, I died
I allowed
The marsh of sorrows, despair
And loneliness.
I kept myself in the dark
So my beloved comes
To find me.
All happenings were needed
For me
To be completely possessed
By him,
To end all the sufferings
To begin
The forever part of my life.

For hundred years,
The sea kept calling me,
Sky stayed blue
Stone practiced patience
And my heart
Circled around the beloved.
One day
All images dried
Like a paint on canvas of life
Like a frozen snowflakes
At the corner
Of the gate of time.

I saw my beloved
Lying handsome and dark
Under the amazing blue
cathedral of sky
with hundred webs
of strong roots.
No force
No holding back,
Like ocean tides,
Moving out
Seducing my heart
With his waves of love.
I met his eyes
And as he entered me
I received his grace.
We made love
Across heaven
In wilderness
of our becoming,
all limits broken
form so much love,
so much love,
A new life bloomed
in our royal bed.
This is not the same world
Water, wind, wood
Lilies, clouds and tears
Are still the same,
Many people fly out
To different directions
Before their time,
And some
Even too late.

They left us alone,
My heart resembles
A burning ball of fire
Between my beloved’s hands
And my passionate lips
Come down
With a storm of kisses
On his soft olive skin,
What makes the stars laugh
Is that in human’s eyes,
it all seems
a reflection or a woman
with a dark long hair
risen naked and fragile
from depth of the earth
out of the gravity
like a pink white lily
kissing her own skin
with open lips.
Did she even know
What she beheld inside
For thousand years
Circling around,
While the mighty water falls
Was always hidden inside.

Ah Beloved,
Let say no more
Before doubtful eyes
Dazzled and spell bound
In your magic,
We begin
Our forever path
In true love.

The beginning of silence
When we see through my eyes
And we smile
With your lips.
When the entire world
Opens with the master key
In my heart.
Ah Beloved,
Hold my tongue
Stop my ears,
Let kiss and make love
Let flow together in one stream
Under the apple tree,
Nothing could ever
bring me back from us.
The delight
Beyond all delights
Resides in silent
of our one heart.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2012, Lewes, England