I weep, you begin

Brought back home
From twittering dream,
Content with who I am.

Inside the womb,
Where light thins
To nothing and darkness
Held everything,
I love.

Somewhere on earth,
Moving me to clarity,
All the hurts and sufferings
The sabotage
for the existence in mind,
homeless and broken
what else could have shown me
the light inside.
How wonderful
the letting go is
how light it feels
to just carry one thing,
your holy face
within my heart.
Not knowing
How the wheel turns
In the next moment.

Hear the song
Feel the breeze
Mesmerized by the inner view
Feel the flow of love
In parallel streams.

I begin myself
In small steps,
Within my toddler heart
Rest on the rim of heaven
Now and then
Till I get my balance right.
No more search,
No more pursue,
Yearning ended
So sudden.
The work continues
in silence,
humming in us.
The world will remember us,
In taste of the wild strawberries,
In magical colors of the distance rainbows,
In fragrance of the rose garden.

No more dream of you,
The hours of separation ended
Our home made by time,
Soaring in stars,
After all stretched and spasms
My heart and my womb
Expanded enough
To hold you inside.
I ache and swell
But in my heart
the homecoming feast began.
I love,
And bow my heart
To your holy face inside,
As the world hears my weeping,
I know,
Through threads
of my falling tears,
The earth endlessly
to heaven
with love
that resides in me.

I am
the riddles,
The mysteries
The blooming rose.

I am
A sleeping child,
Back into myself,
I have quieted my soul,
Words are sacred now,
From now on,
One word


© Serena Devi, Feb 2012, Lewes, England