A woman speaks to her soul

Within the ring of winter
Return to forgotten bay
The marina gets quiet
Before the night falls,
Sky full of stars
Behind the ancient clouds
For a new season,
To offer
A thousand new leafs
Of love
Upon the earth.

The beautiful sad woman
Ends her walkabouts
on a bench
Facing the sea
Next to lonely seabirds’ nest.
She sings
What was forgotten in her.
The sea breeze
On her tearful face,
The moonlight
On her dried lips.

Something sacred
Lives in winter,
Like a quiet hope
Under the cold ground
In waiting
To be heard,
To be born.

The crossroads
Of memories ,
The threshold of
All happenings
Comes out
In any form or shape.
Flying seagulls,
Mysterious sunset,
Untamed wind
a sharp old sword
to cut straight
in a middle of
the delusion or
the sugar canes.

The woman feels
The wind,
The invisible
stillness inside,
the out of reach part of her,
in the corner of the old mirror.

She gaze
One last time
Into the reflections,
Into the sea,
Into the tracks behind,
She full her lungs
With a fresh air
Hold her breath
And step out of the lifetime winter,
Street by street
In the circle of day and night
She discovers a new path
To her hometown.

She carries
The sea in her eyes,
Wind stirs her heart
Scatter the dying leaves
Across the water,
Over the lavender fields
Into the sun.

She whispers,
“Come to me
My shimmering soul,
Let us make a warm fire
Burn the dark nights
Welcome the perfect day.

Come to me
With your endless love
End my exhausted humanness
In your silence,
Alone and complete,
Let life begin
In the violet hours
Of our love making.”

She whispers
“My soul ,
I hear you,
I feel your touch
Between my white
bountiful breasts,
you wrap me in sky,
shake me in your passion
make me fall deeper
in your love.
speak to me
my beloved soul,
I hear you everywhere,
Your waves approach
all my shores,
I am the naked land
Next to your sea,
Into you,
I place my heart,
I place my fertile seeds.
Come and see,
The empty streets,
Clear passages
Within my heart,
Kiss me every day
And let me breath
In your love,
Let my captured happiness
Fly out of my heart.
Ah, my beloved soul,
I am here,
Your servant,
Your lover,
Your eternal home.

Among the scars and wounds
I kept an untouched corner
In my heart,
For us
to make fire and love,
For us
To burn and unite,
For us,
To never lose
one another again.

live forever
in vastness of love
our first
last home.”

© Serena Devi, Feb 2012, Lewes, England