All eternal in me

All the eternal in me
Stands on the edge of dawn
Free of all knowing
Embrace the new day
The brightness of light
Over the corn fields,
The moving wind
Spreading seeds ,
The cultivated soil,
Thirsty for the new beginnings.

The soft in me
At the altar of my heart,
the harvest of a lifetime;
a free breath of my soul
away from the hunger of dark
into the wide womb of present
into the life
I love to live.

In forever oneness,
I touch my skin
And hear your moans,
I melt in love
And feel you
Moving in me,
I close my eyes,
And hear your heart beats
Behind moments.
I smile more
and speak less
while sun bathing
our togetherness
out of the ancient
dark numbness of my soul.

I splash water
And write on destiny’s pages
Amazed of the beauty
Of your hands,
I gather words carefully
On each piece of paper
Just enough
To hold the sky, the earth,
The secret path of love
To your
beautiful rose.

All the eternal in me
Loves me
For who I am
And what my being creates
In us.
Is it possible
That finally my life
Became your love song!
And my heart no longer is small,
hidden or pale,
My heart,
is the house of Shams*.
Is it possible,
That I gained my wings
And what rises
With the morning dew
Over the sea of love
Is my soul
In her breathtaking dance
With you,
in now!

Shams = Sun

© Serena Devi, March 2012