Don’t froze in time

Don’t froze in time
Move in and out of seasons
Grow in love
Welcome the flames
Let everything burns.

The night is so dark
Just before dawn arrives,
dare to take the journey within.
Your soul has been waiting
longing for you
after centuries living in exile,
Frozen in time
To be met,
to fall in love
To dissolve
in the liquid ecstasy
Of wholeness,
Face the fears
meet your soul
meet the Spirit of all.

Through the eyes of oneness
Enter to no time,
To no space
Bloom like a water lily
in divine love.

Love does the rest;
Shapes the unshaped,
Melts the steel,
Opens the gates of heaven
And welcome the white doves of longing,
Desire to make love
Intense and full of anticipation
To fall in orgasm
To experience the innocence inside.

Your are a soul
Soft, moist, open
In love,
Experience divinity,
By each penetration of light
As god moves deeper inside
Tears cover the face of soul
And joy shakes her existence
In surrendering her wholeness,
She disappears
And become one
with the beloved of all.

Like a white pure pearl
silently rests
inside the eternal
vast blue ocean of love.

Don’t ever froze in time
Be powered by your dark
be powered by your light
Begin your journey
to fall in love
with your soul
and be met by grace of God.
Return to eternal paradise.

© Serena Devi, March 2012