AlI I ever wanted

All I ever wanted
is here.
All I ever dreamed
is here.
I touch my hair
he moans,
I kiss my skin,
he smiles.
All I ever looked for
since I was a little girl,
is breathing in me,
I kiss all over my clay
I say,” I love you ”
the yearning hunts my soul.

The one I love
is awaken inside
tears of joy, tears of
unspeakable secrets of heart
lead my stream to his river,
to his ocean,
I cry and fall deeper in love
in a silence
that I never knew before.

I see nothing,
I hear nothing,
I know nothing,
We don’t talk anymore
we don’t long anymore,
we make love in silence
what we feel is soundless,
what we do is not doing.

what I ever wanted
was God,
I close my eyes
and run my fingers
on my lips
and his passion rises
his love moves in me
his lips opens my heart
passive, vulnerable and shy
with no veil or cloth
I become a rose.
I become a wind.
I become a floating dream.

I open my petals
to more discovery,
to deeper let goes
to his wonders,
to thousands faces and projections of his love.

My chest is broken,
over and over
in spasm of love,
I am still here,
I am still human,
and yet my soul is ascended
to his magical dream.

All I ever wanted
was God,
All I ever experienced
was me
falling in love,
burning in alchemy
rising from the flames,
empty of self,
full of him,
not knowing where I will end
or begin.

I searched for God
today or yesterday
perhaps even tomorrow
I finally met him,
found myself;
in love, in nature,
in beauty,
in silence,
in Him,
and in You.

© Serena Devi, 1st April 2012, 12..40pm, local time