Between rocks, waves and tiny birds

Could I ever go back
To those young trees
he planted
At the edge of our old alley.

Could I ever go back
To my broken heart
Pick up the pieces
Enfold the cracks
In whirlwind of
a new emotions;
feel, the life inside
behind the noise
of pain and hurt.

Silence mends
my heart gently
inside the rainbow box
where the waterfalls
renew their promise
in sweetness of now
and hope bless my breath
with love.

Where the path leads;
When storm removes
All signposted stones
Winds and green leaves.
Just me and the road
Blue sky and the bare land in front
Of this long green waiting.

Dark nights
Are passed,
I saw the face of ghosts, beasts
All deserted feelings,
My blue veins ache
From holding a life after life
anger, pain,
the weight of hurt inside my heart.
I saw my end
Before me
When I chose the path of love.
Even heaven has fields
Full of thorns,
But to meet the white nights
I must travel
Between rocks, waves and tiny birds
that flatter with courage and hope
In and out of the clouds,
Between the blue palms of sky,
They won’t fail their songs.

I never could back;
So I must yield
Change my shape
of feelings and thoughts
from hard steel
to the soft soundless breeze.

I must return from the unclear days
Collect the broken pieces of my heart,
I am not flesh
But still I bled,
I know the silky fragrances
Of a new shiny age,
Where my heart become
the mother of many rivers,
I know
There is no going back
The only truthful choice
Is to let go of the past,
Pain, sorrow, tears, rage and hurt,
Even when the list seems with no end
I must choose the freedom,
There is so much love
In the drops of sun
Or taste of honey milkshake.
My soul yield
To her destiny
while heaven roars
In silence;
Waterfalls of heaven
Grasp my hair with gentleness
Like his strong arms;
In drops I dissolve
In so much love
And no longer remember
A thing.

No thorns, no broken pieces
No going back
Just him
beside me;
fading out of time
racing over the waves of love
swimming free down
the ocean of unknown.
No poem
Could ever held
The greatness of our love;
So, I stop my lips,
I end my tears
And stop counting wounds
and painful dark nights,
I smile
as the white nights unfold
and wash my soul
into the endless flow of love.
see him coming;
he always comes back
soundless, gentle, clear
like the full moon.

© Serena Devi, April 2012