In the heart of God

Love is a distant rainbow
Capturing the colorful pallet of life
Before the sunset.

Love is a seductive mist
Across the blue ocean
Golden fields;
Inside the beating roots
of earth
unveiling light.

Love is the endless aching of my heart,
Chanting the beloved name;
Naked, soundless mystic
The morning dawn.

The lucid magic
Echoes between the hunger in my heart
And your lips
When my soul cry
In your passion,
my human heart stops
and I come to myself
to love,
to lift the heaviness
of my life lessons
to feel the pain and choose better,
to trust loving
more than the shape of scars on my heart;
to surrender
to what beats beneath
my flesh and mind;
to be stronger than before
and accept a heart that loves
at any cost;
even when it means
to let go ; of all familiars
to my eyes
to my heart;
to die and begin
and never be sure
of what is next.
Love seals my lips
Consume my senses in fire
Warm my womanhood in silence
Burn my breath with urges
To be united,
Shatters my dreams and plans
Disfigure my hopes
Prison me in my heart,
In solitude;
Just for one thing,
To unleash “me”
To fulfill “me”.

The past, the present ,the future;
The only song of heaven
In the heart of God
Is love.

All spirits fall into silence
When love chants and sings,
“I” remain
A tear, a smile,
a star beyond twilight ;
“I” remain
A witness
To a morning dawn.

© Serena Devi, April 2012