I am not from here!

I am not from here
my star shines
beyond galaxies
for me to be here,
I need four legs,
for me to feel my belonging
I need to look into God’s eyes.
I need to remember my one soul.

I am not from here,
but he wants me here,
and I accept his will,
because a long time ago,
I made a vow to love
all aspects of my soul,
here and any other dimensions.
To hear my heart,
share my heart
and trust my heart
as far as the stars
and as dark as the night
I will go,
my heart knows her way
to the beloved’s arms.

I trust
one day, here
on earth
my heart will be united in forever
with her longings
her other half;
and one moon light
we jump on white horses of dreams
and return
to where we come from;
like a magic,
disappear into the thin air.

Today, I am singing
of my love for that day
for you,
my beloved Twin,
my beloved God,
my beloved self.

~ Serena Devi ~