My beloved twin

Do you know how much I love you;
How much I love myself
Since we have met.
Do you feel
The invisible threads of my love
Around your heart;
The warmth of my breath
Close to your lips
My soft finger tips
Drop after drop
On flames of your desires
Under your skin;
Your moan
Is all I live for,
To be exhilarated in love’s hands
To look into a new day
Feel your heart in mine;
Joined and united
By the sacred breath of divine.

To walk
Side by side
From timeless to time,
Gaze into the stars;
Into your glittering eyes
Mute and speechless
Touch burning flames of love
And know,
My love for you; is forever,
My love for me; is forever.
You, my beloved twin,
The other me,
Longed and searched
Dwelling behind my own ancient heart
Since our creation,
I just needed to close my eyes
And hear the heaven songs;
Night is over
You and I
Laughing into the sun
Swim in the white streams of happiness
As mesmerizing breeze
of the Caspian sea
we merge as Light.
My heart trembles
Like soft lilies
Before the breaking dawn;
Love overflows
From my heart
And I die and perish
T ostrich my soul
To eternity
In hope and faith
To live our one dream,
in life
in love
in one soul.
I yield
Between loves’ wings
From where my clay stands
All directions ascended
To tenderness of your touch,
I open my heart
To be a shore of your sea;
To match your hunger
With my thirst
To love you
With my heart and soul,
To walk side by side
In form and shape
Touch one another by a smile,
Love renders my pain, a joy
My tears, a smile.
My beloved twin,
Take my body and my heart
Embrace our one soul
Fill our cups
With no ending love ;
For the love of You
I fell in love
With what beats within;
Love taught me
How to yield
How to be soft
And still be strong
How to own a great heart
And behold everything
In sacredness of life.

My beloved twin,
I no longer desire or wish
The closeness of our clays,
I know, you come
It is the time for greatness
Of our one soul.

Follow your heart
meet me
in love.

~ Serena Devi ~