~ Serena ~

Life is my right
Light is my nature
I won’t be defeated
by the darkness around,
I no longer sleep walk
serve the fake king.

I am the rising Sun
I stand in my own light,
alone or hand in hand
with the ones
who choose awakening
at any cost.

I shall rise
to highest potential
of each sacred breath
that I AM.
I am Serena,
the humming bird of divine
my songs open
the heaven gates
to true lovers of One.

I came from eternal light,
Raised and lived in dark
The true treasure
kept hidden in my heart,
In time
it bloomed to its true color
transparent soul,
I become.

I am here,
To sing
my songs of love,
to shine
my pure love.

I am Serena,
the hummingbird of heaven,
open your heart
let me full you
with love
join the dance of One.
I am Serena,
forever in Now
to my last breath of life
I shall serve Love.

~ Serena Devi ~