The celestial journey

All over my sleep
Your dream climbs up with me
While my longing tears
Fall from the glass leaves.
What does it mean;
The joy of riding into the unknown forests
The freedom to walk on any road
Hill upon hill;
From one end of me to another,
Wingless emotions
Asking to be released.

Your love
eating my heart
as silence unfolding
the dark landscapes.
Your eyes
The far corner of my nights
In flames,
The burning moth.

To everyone
I am a mad wind
Carrier of green dust of your alchemy,
I put salt in the hearts of the world
To grow truth.
I walk alone,
Room to room,
Town to town
With suitcases, passport
Missing pages of poetry,
Move again
Into myself.

Am I going too far
Year after year
I ask myself
How could I know
What his love will make of me
The next year.
To you,
I am lifted light
Flying free over the chestnut tree
Above the silent mountain;
I am the rising sun of the east,
My body pitched
Into your streams
My heart;
A burning cloth
In your flames.

Am I a woman
Or just a scent of a mad heart
Stretching her streets
At the edge of the world
To meet your love.

I have no use for my dreams;
What are you waiting for;
Get out of this Island
And live your legacy ;
My soul says.
But seems
Loving you,
is me, happening.

For everyone,
I am a poet
in depth of your dark sea,
For you,
I am all those beautiful
unexpressed things;
pressed for thousand years
inside the stone of time
trying, trying
to get out and rise
like a sunflower
to the song of earth,
the celestial journey
to be more of everything,
in all spontaneous happenings
filled with infinite yearning
to be kissed
by feverish lips of God;
for me,
there is no end
except that end.

© Serena Devi, May 2012