Riddles of my heart

I like to live twice
I like to keel
In front of altar of divine
In vastness of forgiveness,
The voice of the original wound
Concealed and abandoned
Behind fears and sufferings.
The unborn beauty
Of my soul
In forever waiting
To move out of terror
Without a mask,
Out of dark
To be born,
Free and glorious
Like a morning rain
Like a hummingbird of heaven.

To awakening desire,
I sink back
Into my soul,
The space around my breath
Is full of lilies
Brushing off the pain
Into the wind.
The come back
Of the green earth
Inside my veins
Invisible branches of faith
Over the dream of me
In the hollow of each breath.
Something deep
Has been waiting
For so long
To be repeated
In songs of power and knowledge
Over ocean, stone and human race.
Riddles of my heart
Participate in everything;
As I walk out
Of my tiny little life,
I enter to
Infinite love.

That is how growing happens
In my own embrace,
I endure my feminine soul,
To rise
In tears of joy,
In gratitude
In dance,
In soundless music of union.

It is there,
deep and soft
quiet and vast
it leaves no trace
like a breath,
Like a fragrance of love.

~ Serena Devi, 22 May 2012 ~