The perfect hunger

Too much of love
Inside the fragile bud,
in waiting,
the unknown
Yearns to dance
Spins in dream of destiny.

The wind
moves the music
swiftly across the earth
in golden bubbles of hope;
Love just began
To open her eyes,
see the sunset
over the silent lake,
hear the lovers
on the forgotten bench
the whisper of desires,
the sharp edge of hunger
caged in the heart;
Wants to live.
Lips in search of each other
Ah, the open gates
To sweet intimate touch.

The weight of waiting is gone;
the far ending stars
Arrive, one by one
On the dark shoulder of night
Moon takes her waking slow
As the air widen to more light,
Ah, all knowing of wanting and ache
In glorious sun
Inside the lover’s heart.

Sometimes the way to happiness
Is full of fire, hurt and ache
Sometimes the way out
Is to grow in,
The patient bud
With so much love,
how to enter life
to break the hard ground
taste the unexpected;
water, stone and sky.
To begin her life
in a song;
weaved into the wind.

Love, the perfect hunger
It is enough.

~ Serena Devi, May 30th 2012~