Beloved 15

So much love,
how could I breathe,
so much change
how could I begin,
my heart is stolen
and the world
as i knew once, is gone.
your child is lost again,
send me your scent
show me your beautiful eyes,
hold me in your love,
my heart can not take it anymore
the hardness of travel,
all the let go,
today, my tears speak
today, my heart shakes and breaks
from all that i loved and lost once, twice.
today, I am not brave or strong,
Today, I let the clouds rain,
Today, I be the scared nightingale,
not knowing what is next,
Ah, what is this cage,
this ache that never stops.

you keep breaking my heart
and all I ever wanted was to please you,
why don’t you come,
Why my life is written on winds
why your thorns are closer
than the sweetness of your lips,
Ah, this thirst never sleeps,
and your love plays
the strings of my heart
over and over,
how many more years must pass
before I arrive and know, I am home,
and it is forever.

Come, Come
my love,
fill me with your breath,
with your voice,
with your kisses,
I love you,
and I can’t love another,
you are my soul,
you are my sky,
you are a life time song,
ah, my beloved,
break the walls between our windows,
bring your fresh air,
your light,
bring your sweetness
and I will wash you
in my silent touch,
between soft petals of my rose.

the moon is here,
stars are here,
the soul, I am,
the woman, I appear,
the love, I carry,
the ache, I have lived,
the flames, I have crossed,
the only dream I ever lived
sincere and truthful
is loving you,
the path
keep circling in my own heart,
make me a fool, make me mad,
who am I?
no words describe
the universe that lives in me
between sigh and long
my heart expands to absolute,
and my poems
float in ocean of love
in hope
to bring you closer
in hope
to see your face again,
and hear the breath of your longing
to live the dream of one.

Ah, beloved
you are my joy, my pain,
my beauty, my unsaid parts,
you are my breath,
you are the dream,
I want to live,
to love and be loved
by you, by me
in forever.

~ Serena Devi, 1st June 2012~