A roar in the dark

I forgot my names
Vanished in his dream;
This day
With no interior
No wall or furniture
No sleeping child;
Everything moves out
Into soundless passion
of desiring him,
kissing his lips
with all captivated thirst
for million years
inside my heart.
I ask my body
My sole road
In this world
To stay motionless
While my soul walk outside
This day
To reborn,
To honor everything alive
To endless reverence.
I came just like this
With no text or map
Just a roar in the dark,
Immortal and infinite,
Just a space howling
Inside time,
Eating seedless grapes
Seeing the whole universe
Through his eyes.

I guess, I can say
My prayers
Made an ancient wine
Of my longings
An unmeasured taste
and touch
Grow and chasm
Between me and everything.

Sleep or awake
My soul, once more
Walk outside this day,
To the infinite time,
In God’s silence,
To be heard
A roar in the dark;
A soft velvet touch
An exhilarated wine.

I guess
It is the shocking clarity
Of the waking hours
That hurts the most,
It will never be over;
Recycling of my soul
In your love.

I am not afraid
Of my shadow anymore,
I could see now
The boundless vineyard
The warming sun
The beams of love;
The desperate cry of dawn
To get up every morning
In hope
To end the dark night
With a promise
Of a new day
In joy and in love.

I drink my tears
To make wine
With my body and blood
To remember
God and me
Within my heart,
As long as I walk beside him,
My aloneness will be full
Of love poems,
To make my soul prepare
For more coming years
To sail
To unknown,
Return me to
Infinite me

On the last page
I write
The zero
I write
The silence,
the love
I was waiting for
The presence of “Yar”
Inside me.
The wake up
Into endless, wordless,
Soundless cycle
Circling around the tower of love,
Into the sun.
No more
Winter nights
Or dream of summer.

incurable gift
came just like this
A roar in the dark.

“Yar” = beloved, sweetheart, one soul

copy right to Serena Devi, June 2012 ~