Beloved 16

my days come is small doze of happiness,
new breeze of light touching my heart
the past was full of thirst, hunger and thorny stones…
every part of me is in peace,
serenity, silence and timeless flow, living a dream.

my beloved,
love for you broke and burnt all the hardness, resistance and self importance in me…
Ah, softness is my nature, I feel the ocean inside me,
my tear drops tastes like nectar,
my heart beat full of passion
yet all of my wanting rests motion less in now,
feeling just the space of love,
I wrap my arms around me and all I feel is you, closer than ever…
Kissing me inside out,
I never knew love as deep as this, as vast as this,
As silent as this,
No more conversations, no more words between lovers,
no longer use for “I love you”,
my search ended the seeker
ended the thirst,
eternal flames is my constant presence,
Ah, resting in me, in you.
No Clouds
Or Storm,
Could change anything now,
Inside my dark eyes
the blue sky lives forever.
we are home now.

~ Serena Devi, June 10, 2012 ~