Into the sea

The spirit calls
Our names
Through the dancing flames of love,
It touches
The soft skin of dreams
As apples fall from the tree,
Neither mystery ,nor clarity
Could flicker
Inside the spirit’s awaken eyes.

The passion transforms
The blood, the flesh
Into the endless sense of longing
That kills the mirage of me
And fertile my soul
Like a fig tree.

In a breath of silence,
Two shadows meet and melt
In small dew drops
On open lips of an Iris.
The moon is complete tonight,
The strange little girl
Who used to drink her tears
Before each meal
Spilled her memories
Like a drop of waters
On a red rose
That grows inside
the marble veins of aloneness,
She let go of all.
Even love
Sounded too loud,
She stood at the doorsteps
Of now,
Overwhelmed with life
Opened up her heart
And sustained silently
in flames of cypress
To live
As a road,
as a bridge
as a garden of soul.

In the gaps,
The wind roars,
The scent of love ascends
The seashell sings
The red rose blooms,
The dream of life
Fades away
In a shape of a bird, a cloud
Or a man named TWIN.

The girl
no longer feels,
pain or joy,
her soul burns,
in the hours of heat
to shine.
Her soul has made of longing
the flame, itself
is the unsaid beauty.

Neither past, nor future
Could offer her
The freedom, she yearns.

She counts
Whatever is absent
from her dreams,
The love for the things
That no one else dares to love;
what shines beneath
The blinding surface
of appearances.

No image of a lover
Or a beloved,
Beside the path
Or hand in hand.
This quiet emptiness
With no desire to daydream
Or be more than ordinary,
Like a wish
Beneath a stone,
Like a wave
Into the sea.

© Serena Devi, June 2012