White butterflies

Dance, dance
rain or shine,
in tear or smile
under the sameness of blue sky,
open your eyes
to morning dews.

I came
from the feast of night
lips on lips
with moonlight
we shared the secret of hearts,
in drops
got drunk
with wine of love,
she leaned against my soul,
ah, let beauty speaks of us.

Dance, dance
in praise of life,
in sweetness of moments
in tear or smile,
close or distant
I am yours,
I am the house of love,
I am the song of God,
a roar of sea
a genlte touch of a rose,
a dream of a beloved.

look into my darkness
giving birth to the sun
listen to my sounds,
how it fade away,
the playgroud of life
between white butterflies,
dance, dance
live and grow forever
in love
in tear or smile.

~ Serena Devim June 2012 ~