A wild laughter

Your love sustains me
Trills me
Above everything,
It fills me with sunlight and rain.

I didn’t know
How deep the hole
inside was,
until love landed on my heart.

Love unified our hearts
Like a wild laughter
Free and eternal;
Into the light
Birthing a new heaven.
Forever wordless beauty
in Star’s deep blue sleep,
beyond green meadows,
beneath silent lakes
love illuminates my soul
strokes my breasts
roots of my feminine
pulls me near the passion of flames,
burns and yearns, for more love.

We move swiftly
into the breeze of coming dawn
covered in sweat and heat of passion,
shaken bone to bone, flesh to flesh,
lips to lips.
Two halves of one
rejoin, rejoice and drink
the sweetness of eternal orgasm,
when love becomes
greater than life and death.

Do you feel me;
I take my death slow
So you walk softly beside me
take pleasure of my warm breath.

We both know,
Love has a destiny of her own
Breaking my earthy bones in unavoidable
My heart is chained to your love
And my soul aroused
To join to birds of heaven.

My little boat
Dared and danced in many tides
Just to stay close
between the shores of your palms
I made an ocean of my heart,
All of me
used and gone
like a lamp oil
To keep love alive,
To write love songs in your praise
The belongings are over now.

Ah, I am free
I have served the earth well
blood, tears, paper and graceful ink.

All of my tears
Are his smile
I came to this world
To move and be moved by love
By God’s tide.

I came
To write about the way in,
To enter fire
Burn and become still,

To enter another
Forget self,

To plant love
And celebrate remembrance.

On my short walk on earth,
In my human corner,
I met my divinity
I remade my dreams
To be part of his dream,
Look at me
love made a goddess of my sands
Closed my eyes
and opened my heart.

Having come this far,
I can say
the best and the brightest moments
are the ones
light faces the darkness
and love wins
every corner of my life
like a wild laughter.

~ Serena Devi, 26th June 2012~

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