Twin flames, the sacred love

You are my everything,
My hums, my moans,
My little love notes
Beside our one pillow,
All my doings
in small or large doses
are my earthy ways
to seduce you.
Bring you into form
Another me,
just right inside my heart,
just right next to my body,
my one soul.
We both live here
to share our dance
to kiss and make love,
many times
more than stars,
Under the same blue sky.
So I can look into your eyes
And recognize myself.
I don’t say your name
In all my love letters,
But you know,
I am calling you,
My beautiful twin,
Come back to me,
Find a willing clay,
To be together on earth,
This is our last time.

Ah, the love I carry
Within my heart
Pulls me back
to all boundless fields,
Meadows, forests
That we crossed
hand in hand
Before we split in two flames,
Heading different places, times.

Burning inside out
Left me with no-thing
Only You, another me
my beloved twinsoul,
I see you in my visions
In a lingering moment
As short as a breath
As long as eternity,
You touch my skin
And joy glides
inside my womb
heat rises all over my being
my heart pounds fast
and my eyes cry tears
I can’t take this anymore,
I am electrified,
Inside my own heart.

I close my eyes,
Touch the space
To find a string of your hair,
To feel your soft lips
At the corner of my neck,
I move my fingers
Deeper inside my existence
To bring out
All that is left from my humanness
All sorrows, pain, burdens, loneliness
To experience my complete wholeness
In total surrender
In love.
To give us a chance
One more time
To be united
Never parted
On earth or beyond.

You are my timeless
to where,
I don’t know.
Perhaps a land away from
all oceans and storms of human kind
where nothing else exist
Except the love, we are.

Wrap your arms around me
it is no longer a question or a cry,
I am your woman
I am your soul,
I demand your presence
Beside mine.
Ether, galaxies, different dimensions
Or even the planet earth
Wherever you are,
We belong to sacred love,
I no longer desire you,
I no longer wait,
I am demanding our one soul,
In this time and place.

Find a clay,
Meet my eyes,
Hold my hands
And let tides move us
Beyond everything
we ever knew or felt.
I love you
Not like any others
Not like an iris
or the yellow tulips,
Not like sunset
or midsummer melodies.

I love you
a flame rises from my own dark
like a spinning sun
never meet the centre,
and yet
I know, in my knowing
You breath and grow
In love
Every time,
I wash off the dark from my roots
Every time,
I stare into the air
and nectar drops in my blood.
I know,
there is another me,
a soul exactly like me
in my man.

I love you
And I don’t know another way
To say,
You are my breath
You are my passion
You are my patience
You are my sensuality, sexuality,
You are me, making love with all creation.

I no longer ask,
Seek or desire,
I only say
The time is now,
I am here,
Meet me in flesh
Wrap around me like skin
We are immortal flames
Belonging to each other.

We are forever
ONE soul,
we are divine love.

© Serena Devi, November 2011