The one song

The nightingale swings
On a thin wire of time
Between hanged memories
In absence of wind
Her wings dream
On the way to the clouds
To reach beyond
The nature of tears.
If it is not a rain
To ease her pain
Sunday prayers
Cover her feathers.

My love
I forbid my lips
To call your name
Just my soundless tears
From the longing in my heart;
I am still here
Awaken and free
The kingdom
The tales of lovers,
I crossed the bridge
between the mirage of you and I
On the day, we weren’t one
Back into my soul,
The silver moon
All around my heart
Said: forget his green eyes
Don’t return!

None can imagine
Under the buried pain
Those eyes still hunts
my heart.
I must let go
Of what lies behind,
Our yesterday is ended
No thought follows me
Into heaven.

I am reborn woman
With golden threads of faith
Outgrow in love.
Behind my needs, desires,
Unlived dreams,
wanting him
spreads around
the hours of separation
is this a cry for ownership
to be his or make him mine;
or underneath of my waiting,
the restless yearning
is to bear
the beams of love,
to be One.

I am accustomed to his silence,
They will remember
The story that I write
With my blood and tears
As I consumed and burnt
Gradually in flames of love,
Day by day
I paint the memories
Of our last kiss
And my heart flowers
Like the phoenix
Out of the ashes
Rise and glow
a new heart.

The roads,
Endings, beginnings;
Where is the road
To road leads?

Inside the sunset
While waiting
My hunger grows
Under pelican’s wings
His lips
So tempting,
my dreams are
so endless,
my love for him.
I must let go
Scatter the ashes of old
Around the present,
Only in now,
I can harvest my true dreams.

Through loving his green eyes
Between writing and longing
Poetry got the best part of me;
My soul returned from exile
The body ended in storms.
From the highest mountains
Down to the lowest lakes;
I fell.
Neither alive,
No death,
I heard the nightingale
As we stood on air
And evolved in one song.

My love,
Loving your green eyes
Shattered my heart
Broke self righteous me
Opened my skull
To teach many lessons;
We might never meet again
I don’t even know why
We met the first time;
One September afternoon
Into the breeze of love
We travelled out of time and space,
Perhaps to witness our own faces
In the mirror of the other,
To experience;
a brief moment of eternity
to never doubt ,
the power of love.

My love,
I moving in to my soul
To get real and remember
I am already One.

My light,
My king,
My forever twin,
I can’t wait for a lover
Who might never arrive
Never see the face of love,
In me.

I choose the present,
near the sky
my prayers, my poems grows
Love expands
and move the woman that I AM
Closer to her dreams,
Awake and free
Like the nightingale
Live and breathe
In one single song
Heaven song.

© Serena Devi, July 2012

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