Follow your bliss

A while ago,
I sat with my heart
and listened;
she said: never seek life easy
just don’t have it so hard.
Take it with a bit of salt, or suger
or sometimes pinch of pepper,
laugh more
let sadness pass.

let go of control
stop planning,
spice up your passionate side
create a new day
find a new experiences,
move out of the box of mind
change again and again,
flirt with life
eat love,
dream big
embrace your soul,
decorate the house of love
in color and joy.

Release shame, guilt,
anger, resentment,
begin now,
love yourself
follow your bliss
everything is in order
practice patience
be intimate with yourself
be intimate with God.

my heart fell in silence since,
my eyes, full of tears,
white tears, gratitude tears,
tears of love,
I am Home,
and every part of me
follow your bliss,
celebrate your life,
drink wine,
eat love,
and Be.

~ Serena Devi ~

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