A woman’s heart

~ Repost~
The hunger,
Caged inside of heart,
The patient skin of time,
Craving for love.

Something within
Comes to end,
All false ways
Of satisfaction,
Indulgence in substance.

In a way,
The quest of love
comes to its ending.
When waves of longing
No longer have the strength
To embrace any shores.

Become a free zone,
to step in, barefoot,
and leave behind
The story of watchful eyes.

I close my eyes,
One last time
You and I
Are standing together,
In circle of love.

How easy I can open up
My heart and its heavenly wings,
To tenderness of your arms,
Trust your nobility,
Allow your roots gather
Around my being,
How much I want to belong
to shelter of your love…

your lips come down on my face,
remove the darkness of nothingness,
From edge of hunger in my eyes.

Your kisses follow the line
Hidden between curves of my breasts,
Promising the intimacy between our light.

I look deeper inside of memories,
When my whole being stretch outward,
for remedy,
To reduce the pain of separation.
when hope cries
Over shoulder of blue moon,
with urge
to plant seed of love,
In nest of yours or mine,
In centre of heart.

When wind dances
the sacred ritual of union,
On azure sky,
To cast away the fearful storm of change,
To clear path between our clays.

I am tired of longing,
Every step of the way,
I wait,
Turn my face around,
Above, below, left and right,
Seeking a sign of your return.

I am effected
By nature of time,
Burning butterfly,
In flames
Wishing for her end.

I am calling you
Anam cara,
My soul friend,
please return,
I no longer wish to live
Without your earthy presence.

I buried hope
In grave of memories,
Perhaps before my end,
It blooms
In boundless field of sunflowers,
Where your silence
Meet the real face of love.
When you answer my call.

Only a woman’s heart knows
The tiredness
From no ending hunger,
Caged inside of her.

I am gathering what is left
From my strength,
Calling your name
One last time,
Before I leave the earth.

Return to my waiting heart,
Before end of my clay,
Embrace the no ending love.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

5 responses to “A woman’s heart”

  1. I hear the heart behind the words 😉 have a lovely weekend

  2. Surprised you understood me given that tortured spelling. !!

    Happy Day, Serena.;-)

  3. thank you dear Jamie, a poem woven my threads of love 😉 ,always a pleasure to see you here, hope everything is well with you… much love and blessings

  4. Excuisitly woven long song, like fine lace.

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