The infinite hour of longing

Years in searching,
I saw all the
blue lakes on earth,
No blue shines,
like the depth of his eyes.
Ah, powerful love,
Take my hand, let me rest
Between your wings,
Let me touch
The forehead of my beloved,
With my soft lips.

The infinite hour of longing,
Between the earth
that lives in me,
And his silent
gentle evening star,
Where flying doves,
the unmeasured vastness
of all seasons
between our hearts.

My shy soul
Is seduced
by his charming voice,
to red tent of love,
Ah, my heart silently longs
to climb into his arms.
Enters utterly naked
Like a Light,
peals the forest fragrances
wipe running tears
from lily’s eyes,
Ah, I offer my flesh,
To save the legacy of my tears
But I know
his hungry eagle wants
his prey,
He hunts my heart.

Ah the autumn leaves,
ah, the man on the road,
ah, love, I am helpless in land of love.
He whistles and I say no more,
I fly
Over violets and magentas
To enter in his open mouth,
To feel his hot breath
Of desire
On every corner of my flesh, my soul.
His arms matching my curves
While his dark deep wanting
Melts me like a drop of sliver tears
In his fiery flames.
we complete
the One kiss.

In night,
In day,
I bow to his sun
and grow fig tree
On my palms.
His breath roars
In my heart,
moon trembles with wanting.
He sat a fire to life
Inside me.

All the ashes,
All the songs,
My echoes to be heard,
Recognized by all ears
Without changing
his silent longing.

Rivers, mountains, valleys,
inside dark forests, I live.
I want to miss in his chest,
Ah, powerful love
Take my hands and pull me closer
To beating of his manly heart,
I can’t rest until
I know,
We are bind together
As long as
Love breathes,
Like one single river,
Between us.

© Serena Devi, october 2011