Will you turn toward
the soundless music;
to meet your soul;
aloneness beckon deeper
into the pavilion of your heart,
the interior has made of love
but it is in the labyrinths
you will get lost
over and over
in lows and highs.

Even after thousand years
as the sun goes down
and there is no difference
day and night,
the butterfly wings flutter
to disturb
the sleep of crimson maple leafs
on a ground of love.

The rocks are perfectly still,
the river in constant flow,
and your mind empty of tomorrows;
there is always something
to break your heart
in small and large pieces of desires
Whenever you listen,
You hear the voice of wanting,
As it fades away in the shadow of the lake
You feel,
the tender touch of oneness
Inside the vastness of your aloneness
All roads meet
in your heart
shape your dreams,
like a bud that wants to be born.

The wind puts roses on your feet,
The cuckoo sings
of valleys and hills of a lifetime tears,
autumn leafs whirl secretly
down upon the breeze,
Between the scent of pines
and the rough sea
love moves me closer
to the world of Spirit.

As the wind writes
on mountains of heaven
the name of someone I love,
the name of Beloved you,
my beautiful soul.

~ Serena Devi, Auguat 2012~

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