Inside my feelings

It feels every new experience
Is the gentle work of silence
In threshold of solitude;
Heat and light
Awake me to reality
Between the four walls of my mind;
A world full of feelings and thoughts
And yet
my mind cannot abide
What my heart wants to trust
The most,

Inside my feelings
Struggle never be over
Within threads of agony
My learning shapes.
Pain and joy;
Penalties for this
not so easy existence!
Something old, sincere and innocent
Yearns to be recognized,
To be embraced
by light
to choose with clarity
to love and float free
like a white dream
over the fields of daisies.

The pages of poetry;
My last attempts to claim
My right
over the hidden outgrown needs and desires
at abyss of my soul.

When night falls
And ocean breasting her waves
When a nightingale sings
And clouds replay,
The hunted feelings
Come to surface,
Why it is so hard to love
And not be afraid
Of the wounds of shadow
Over the thin skin of intimacy
Across the night,
Moon trusts her eternal light
And yet
I cannot find a way
To walk ahead of fear
To cry my burning desire;
Here, I am on earth,
I exist ;
I love life,
I love loving,
Open your arms,
Fences must end
Between our paths
Before we could begin
Our walk, side by side.

Maybe, autumn is late
Of this summer is too long;
My body and soul
are turning to love’s dust’
Travel with wind
Breathe inside changing fates.

Could I ever choose anything else
Except surrendering
to stream of love;
I guess not!

So much of solitude
in my silent yearnings
to return to now,
the only place
my life could speaks
of the love, I have become;
if you listen
to my silence
you hear;
my cry of wanting
to fall like rain
on your soft sweet skin,
to give you, my rose,
to swim in moments
with you, beside me
inside me,
to claim our happiness
into the new day,
Making love
till eternity .

Could I,
could you
trust what heart wants
and allow love happens
after every fear
after every kiss,
as long as
we are here
and exist.

~ Serena Devi, 8th August 2012 ~

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