Morning offer

I am lost in my heart,
I am found in yours.
I am in love with love,
my heart is shaken
my eyes, fountain of tears,
stop running away, stay still,

Can I meet the sun today
and not in memories of yesterdays
or tomorrows dreams.
Can I just be aware of my heart
while moonlight bless and nourish my nights
ah, the unknowable love
drawn all the beauty into my eyes;
shapes and carves my destiny
at altar of life.

Of all the places on earth,
I only find peace
in your forever oneness,
after many years,
Now, I become a morning offer
along daylight
fresh scent of magnolias
I have become myself.

~ Serena Devi, 10th August, 2012 ~

2 responses to “Morning offer”

  1. thank you my dear friend for your input and sharing, so true..only in self awareness, we feel our wholeness and expand our soul to meet the universe and dissolve in Oneness… much love and blessings

  2. I know the feeling. When you’re in the thick of that moment and you feel everything is happening all at once and you feel full, and exploded, moving at a fast speed, and yet calm enough to call the feelings lovely names. “I have become myself.” Indeed, we become self-aware, and we see the world differently, expanding our souls.

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