Handful of dust

No one can seek this for us
Urge to fall in love
to encounter the mystery
of touch, to feel
the sensitive skin of humaness
to rest in consciousness
and meet the eyes of Soul,
to surrender
and burn with passion
and still cry for more,
to love and to be loved
reproducing light
inside the heart
endless dance of ecstasy,
in handful of dust
circling in clouds of love
aware, happy and eternal.

~ Serena Devi , August 2012~

2 responses to “Handful of dust”

  1. welcome back Chris, thanks for your comment and so nice to see your friendly face 🙂 hope all is well and you are enjoying life. I am always grateful to our sharing.. much love and blessings

  2. “meet the eyes of Soul” I have stayed away to long wandering in my own world forgetting how special it is to come here and share a little of your’s…

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