The oasis of love

The heart wanders
From one oasis to another
In search of her reflection,
She arrives
to a boundless field
Sits still
on a ground beneath;
She witness
The move of clouds,
the joyful play of bees
around the scent of flowers,
the fertility of her under her feet
to offer life
to be respective of seeds.

Heart listens;
to the whisper
of the hidden well,
the unshaped,
undirected beauty of love;
come, come
see yourself
in my water, in my wind
feel my fingers touch your skin
my lips awakes and heals.
Say yes to my love,
say yes to this joy,
close your eyes
see nothing
and feel everything.

The heart sighs
and wakes up
in full ecstasy of the moment,
in love with herself,
her wanders has ended
she flourishes in her fragrance

fire inside fire,
love within love
giver and receiver,
rejoin, reunite
the waves of orgasm
breaks every hard part,
magic flows.

She becomes the boundless field,
the happy bee,
the silent gaze,
the tantric bliss
the pure pleasure
of love,
Love .

~ Serena Devi ,August 2012~

3 responses to “The oasis of love”

  1. so glad you like it, it brings my heart to joy when we speak in language of love ❤

  2. The image is wonderful!
    and what you have written is delightful! 🙂
    I enjoyed this very much 🙂

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