To God

My God,
I want to say this just once,
The ache in my heart
Is a lifetime intimacy with you
In silence, in cry, in laugh and in joy,
But sometimes, I cannot take it anymore
I must close my lips
And let my eyes speak.
Forgive my humanness
My body still desires an end
Knowing myself, entering into the castle of my soul
Has been a long journey
Between life and many deaths
Between time and eternity.
Love happens in four chambers on this small heart
All the time, like a burning torch,
Longing carries me over landscapes of dark
Just to see a glimpse of light,
Within my own soul
Between the edge of what is real and what are my dreams
I lose something every day,
Names, places, memories,
people that I have loved so dear,
but when I turn my head back
I see nothing behind, not even my steps,
I must have travelled far, into the clouds.
My God,
You see my struggle, my stretched soul
To walk my words sincere, in full faith and trust,
To love with no condition
To let go with no question,
To see you first and the last
In my mornings and nights,
Haven’t I be a loyal lover,
Haven’t I sacrifice everything for the sake of love,
But today, I am just a human
Full of ache and longing
Save me, from my own heart;
Love over flows and tears don’t stop.
My heart is such a small place
To keep this ocean of emotions,
Love is the fire that
Breaks, melts and burns
Till nothing is left except the empty space.

Oh, My God,
Just show me how to flow,
Out, into the world,
In, from my heart to eternity,
God, please take me home.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012~

4 responses to “To God”

  1. not sure why you feel sad my friend…thank you for your note. Blessings

  2. Realy beatifull sad

  3. Thank you my friend, blessings.

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