Just now

At The edge of the earth and sky
there is a sacred place beholding
what I love the most
memories are strong and without reason
they show up
like a storm
or a rain, just before sundown
they come when I forget
the joy of his eyes
the warm of his lips,
just now,
I remember
the deep blue sky
he was born under
in the land of St Francis,
One night stars took him away from me
I was left with
a no fading love in my chest.

I grow universe
in my heart
so I could always reach him,
while memories riding this way
my heart gets full of hope
will I meet him again?
Just now,
it seems to me,
he has never left,
look at the full moon,
look into my heart,
we are together.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012 ~

2 responses to “Just now”

  1. dear Edtha, welocme and thank you for sharing from your heart, poetry is a place the one could meet and speak with her own soul… hope my poetry takes you closer to whatever your heart desires.. Much love and blessings ~ Serena~

  2. It is 3:33am Bronx, New York to be exact I live one block from the Bronx Zoo I just read your poem. This is Beautiful it says what I feel about someone very special in my life. I write poems since I was 13yrs but with busy life I haven’t write lately. Writing is a talent that Only Jehovah God can give us. I’m so glad I discover you. I was just looking a some pictures I’m glad I got more than what I was looking for. While reading my tears came down my face.

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