The chasm of everything

I thank God for that cruel gaze
that opened my heart,
wide open and vulnarble.
I thank God for the day
I opened my eyes to the face of love,
all mirrors died away
I forgot my own face.

My love, my love
watch my lips moving
on wounds of offering
on the ground of your love
as my heart rippen in wine
and my soul burnt in fire of passion,
They say, I long for eternal,
They say, I overcome myself;
I say no more,
see my fire, touch my stone,
see my sky and feel
the beating of my millions stars,
see my soul falling in love
like spring rain.
The true beloved
when I surrender my loneliness
to dark angels
I lifted up my hands,
holding my heart
open to the wind,
we crossed time
beyond silence of stones,
you see my love,
I am the falcon, I am the song,
your love made me
simply open
to be human, to be a woman
and make a bridge of my heart
for all lovers to cross over
the chasm of everything
to encounter and fall in love
with their own soul.
I love myself
not like any other,
I am One.

~Serena Devi, Sept 2012 ~