Go beyond

Touches no longer define the lines around my body
I am surrender to this fragile feelings
Of wanting to go beyond who I am,
To meet another
whom could endure my companion
Accept me for who I am
let me burry my soul in him,
And take his.

I have been longing for so long,
My heart has lost her voice,
In storms of love.

Every day, in every way,
I look for a feeling
To tell me, you are here,
inside me, beside me.

Loving is not a concept
or a mental approach,
Loving is living in constant flames,
till one become lover herself.

Passion is not just passing moments
Of desires or urges
It is the place to meet my own soul,
In all I see around,
whoever I encounter
Whom I share a poem, a touch or just a kiss,
It is the ability of my heart to offer
everything, in full trasparency
so I could feel everything,
even when the knife cut my flesh,
blood covers my face,
I stay still, surrender
to what love transcends.

I feel the eyes in me,
I feel the soul, everywhere,
where do I end? where do you begin?
I know,
In not knowing,
I am ripen in truth.

It feels like centuries waiting to fall
To fall and flow
And never ask again,
when do I see him again?
Am I leaving, are you coming,
where the bridge between these two worlds
that one day I stand in full balance
and covered in grace
and in a blink an eye,
my heart falls in ache of linging, yearning to go beyond me.

I just need to open my eyes
perhaps just to see I am between your palms,
just to feel, you want me as much as I want you.

Endure me, my love,
Endure me, my soul,
The passage is ours,
the union is our destiny
We are going beyond us.
~ Serena Devi ~