Celebration of the harvest

This morning two angels came from the world beyond,
each took one hand of mine,, in their pure light,
I saw the harvest of my heart, the colour of my soul,
I am weeping since.
Tears, white tears, blue tears
dark tears,
the path to the hidden treasures of our hearts,
priceless pearls, gems, loving gifts of Divine.
My joy is endless, so my love for all creation.
May the fresh breeze of autumn,
take our hearts to eternal harvest,
truthful and sincere;
to leap and surrender to winds,
to honor the mother earth,
to offer our gratitude to our father sky
to celebrate our beings, to value our doings,
to share simplicity, truth and compassion.

Come seekers, come lovers, come drunken poets;
freedom is your corp,
joy is your direction,
accepting is your campass,
love is your power,
courage is your friend
harvest of your soul is your journey
heaven is your promise.
Now is the time to celebrate the eternal feast of love,
Now, is the harvest time. ♥

~ Serena Devi, September 2012 ~