Beloved 17

I keep try to stay with surface of waves
you keep pulling me deeper inside,
you! trouble maker, Sultan* of my heart,
inside is nothing, but flames of your passion,
thirsty lips for your love.
I am your eternal slave,
chained and surrender forever
to love, what a beauty!!
moon falls in silence in your presence
and nightingale hide her songs
inside the breeze of night,
so my beloved,
you hear my yearning heart, drop by drop
in a cup of wine,
ah, all the seductions are fairytales,
no one knows, what one touch of
your lips does to Serena’s heart.
My beloved,
break my heart,
drink my wine and never let go of my throat,
ever let your lips leave my skin,
let fever of love burns me and turn me to ashes,
make me your breath,
make me your poem,
never return me to myself.

~ Serena Devi , September 2012~

Sultan*= king