Earth verses

Feelings streaming through heart
Sometimes the heart doesn’t know
What the heaviness means.
In the scale of time,
There is a thin line
between pain and joy;
Just before
waking up,
dark refuses to go
eyes want to see the sun.

There is voice inside,
Old enough to make a song
Open enough
To hold my dreams;
Deep enough
To grow trees
Brave enough
To stay honest
And join the wind
And move with spirit,
Into the silent pray.

I must leave my own mind
so the forests, mountains and rivers
uncover slowly
beneath earth verses,
to hear the Spirit
to wake up the stars and the sea
to lose everything and
become kind;
I must leave my mind
So the tender gravity of my heart
Falls into the pond of happiness,
As the way continues
The speaker inside
Disappears inside the wind.
My soul,
Whistle of the wind
When it blows
Or the sound of cool stream
When it flows.

I know nothing
Of the way forward
But in my heart of the heart
Love grows
sun shines
and my soul songs make a difference.

© Serena Devi, October 2012