Into your heart

In your tenderness
my heart melts
no one knows better than my heart
the secret of your smile
the depth of your green eyes
the warmth of your exhilarating breathe,
I am in love with Love;
this ache pulls all the strings
the song of earth rises
between my breasts,
your silence holds the secret key
to open and release me
from the cage;
ah, love pours
and unites our rivers,
your lips seal mine
and your arms reach around
my breath,
as your warm palms magically
turns to a soft rose
between drops of my tears
and hunger of my lips,
your remove my veils,
you have me naked,
vulnarable and full of passion,
burning desire to be all yours.

stop the torment
not even one more day
in the hallways of waiting
I want my end
I want my beginning
I want my lips on yours forever
I am lost in love,
take my body,
take my soul,
let Serena come back home
into your sea,
into your heart,
into your arms.

Serena Devi , Oct 2012