Roots and wings

There is not enough light to make out
What is left inside my heart,
I cannot pretend everything is fine
When even stones feel better
Beneath the weight of the world.
Listen to sadness behind words,
Silence is not enough today to send the pain away,
It gets hard when there is no air,
It gets heavy when gravity attacks
the strength of your arms.
No one knows how to answer the crying moon
When darkness rubs to her skin
and all stars fall from tearful eyes of sky.
While the wind ruffles
the tree branches of my feminine vulnerability
Lilies carry my dreams to safe shores of love.

Rocks, seashells and waves move me
away from burning palms of the past
sadness is deep and wide,
words are too small to lift up my heart
in a shape of a hope
to begin a new flight.

I never trusted my eyes,
from the gates of my heart
Seeing always took me to higher mountains,
To where I could dance my destiny
with no fear.

Earth is more than a dream,
it feels like a flesh,
Beneath a knife
or a kiss, it responds.

Inside my earth
Feelings are so deep,
Their touch is real,
pain is as real as a pleasure;
sometimes the gravity of no ending path
pulls every breath under a question,
I cannot enter into another day
Without having hope that my life is not wasted
I will see the Sun that my dreams are promising now and then.

In deep forests
the white fog exists,
the abyss of everlasting light
In depth of our emotions
Sparkles on our bodies
Just enough to let us hear the earth songs,
Just enough to see between the ancient trees
As one part of us sink in now
Another part climb up to heaven’s gate.

In between,
the labyrinth of feelings
might cage our heart out of time, to cure the pain
sometimes block us in space, unmoved
so we reach out and grow toward the sun.

One moment
I am flow of love
trapped in a feminine body
in hope
to break the dead shell
and the next,
I throw myself like a seeds of light
Into the darkness of my emotions;
Between my roots and wings
I touch the silence in depth of dark,
Into the serenity of sky and stars,
I rise in light,
a white full moon.

~ Serena Devi, Oct 2012~

2 responses to “Roots and wings”

  1. Thank you John, for your kind words.In threshold of heart, we learn from our pain and grow out into light.. somehow poetry a solitary path to get to know who we are and one day.. it plays its music for all heart.. please join my facebook page, as I post there more regularly

    with love and blessings

  2. Beautiful artwork and amazing poetry. I like the story and the journey you took me with your words. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

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