Canvas of my heart

All the unlived part of my life
Echoes and born
Into the simple transparent syllables of love.
My true love songs are written
In colorless tears, dreams and yielding of my heart
Slow movements of feeling,
Inside my veins,
The world of my believes are changing every day,
Into a shapeless presence of the mist;
Sometimes I hear hills and trees
When the autumn showers begin
to water the fertile earth;
I begin a long affair with oasis of tears;
When no one could rescue my heart from myself
From ache and longing of endless desires to know who Am I.

Tears shelter my moments of pain
Blur my vision of this illusion I called it “self”
so I could hear my soul;
I am a whole and yet never be completed in form,
The beauty I seek is the beauty I must create.
The unending flow of ecstasy
that only love could paint
On canvas of my heart.
Tears are the colors of my mornings and nights
when I lift my eyes to count the rainbows
after each storm.

I go thru life,
dancing between branches of cypress
and smell of jasmine,
Flying like seagulls over the waves
feel the warmth of sun
and lean for a moment
on reflection of the morning sky;
I go thru life
exploring the earth beneath my feet
filled with water and seeds,
and all the mysteries waiting to be known.

Have I finally learnt to look at myself
With ease and awareness;
To stand silence in ripeness of now
And yield to all greatness that change brings;
I don’t know!
I never imagined life could be like this;
When everything disappears
Over the fields of time,
So comes love;
So sands sing
Inside the cycle of tides;
and the unshaped float of love’s mist
moves my heart
Closer and closer
to beauty of water and stone;
So I rest in soundless ebbing of my feeling;
In transforming seasons of my heart,
Ripen in tears and love.
so I finally come to peace
in a handful of dust and wind
open and free.

~ Serena Devi, November 2012~