The dance of shadows

Nothing more than a thin line of memories
And still it is hard to simply pass
And do not ask;
How all happenings touch and shape
The unmeasured part of her heart.
The overwhelming terrifying silence
Of the dance of shadows;
Load her heart with its infinite dark space;
Befriended with depth of her loneliness.

She wrote her hearts’ deepest desire
In emptiness between amorously words;
After many screams
Bleeding roses
Dark seas,
Her heart grew tired
Of living so deep
In never ending feelings,
Her heart is caged
In vastness of love, trembling
In facing an image of a lost love.

What happened to justice?!
She was the loveliest of the queens
She fell from the stars,
Over the soft petals of love
Awaken like a butterfly,
Caged in destiny of the flames
To burn, to end of smoke.

Silence made a nest of her heart;
The first whispers of desires
Blended her breath
With colors of wilderness
With dreams of embracing her king again;
It was a long time ago, in another land
She was seduced by his charms.
The transparent infinity of love
Paralyzing her to move away
From that haunted memory
Sometimes, past claims everything.

When shadow falls
And dark repeats unresolved feelings,
The sound of pain grows loud,
Like crying birds just before the storm.
It is the hour
When love
Takes the fragile nightingale
Into the deep forests
To encounter the shadow of her song.
As the light breaks through
All- seeing,
fear, loneliness, anger, shame, longsome grays
End in sheer twilight.
Life unfolds chapter by chapter,
Enduring dark solitary
Is a blessing to a longing heart;
To encounter the unknown and unmeasured parts of soul;
Perhaps that is the justice she seeks all of her life;
To know and feel the passion of her tiny existence
In the cosmos of feelings, thoughts and fading in silence
Of her inner world.

In daylight, eyes see easily,
Yet on the threshold of darkness;
The mystery inside each soul could be heard,
The strange, powerful penetrating light
Into the scent of soil,
From haunted memories of lost loves
Into wind, stone, sky and sea.
Once, she loved a man
So madly, so deeply unconditional
Her heart bleed under naked teeth of longing
Sank under weight of her feelings
Day after day
Until progress began.

A newborn child
A bit more trusting
Every day;
Into nameless truth
Into soundless justice;
Into unmeasured power of love;
Like a bird leaving the nest,
Like a small lily reaching to air.

Sometimes past claims everything;
And sometimes not.
She felt the storm
Lay flat beneath the happenings
Surrendered to changes
Until all emotions disappeared from her;
Until she remembered;
Her essence has made of water
She tastes like a red wine
She could swims through all things
She is threshold of darkness
Where light and shadow meets
The dance of shadows
Is the meaning,
the burning desire
it is her soul;
carved and shaped
By making love.

In time,
Love polishes her skin,
matures her wine,
Teaches her how to move in stillness
In time
every queen will be united
with her true king
within and without.

~ Serena Devi ~