this path is too long …

Affection of sky moves over leaves of silence
the hands holding the umbrella
follow the faith of rain;
if you ask me
if I ever understood the reason
of having so many stars at night;
I show you the cathedral inside my heart
I show you the empty path
to enlightenment
the first gift of awakening
is waiting
to be reborn out of time;
like a river
painless and free to flow.

Love carved the marble of David
god’s silence carved on my poor heart
as I walked deeper into the dark,
every cell cried
it will get bright, so bright
that you no longer feel the fear
of the no ending journey
of love.
This day,
I cling to memories
to forget I am a sailor
into passing seasons of heart,
Tomorrow I will quiten my soul,
by sharing my shade
with the hands holding
my dreams.
This path is too long
I can’t remember where my roots are buried
where I lost track of time
where I stopped attending to my feelings
and needs.

the first song of my heart
rise always in tears;
everyday I try to not try
to be happy or shinny
what comes easy
has no color,
it is the transparent gratitude
this day
even love is soundless
sometimes I wonder
Am I killed or have I missed the signposts on the path;
life is not always
a sunflower river
a nightingale or a happy child.
sometimes, it rains none stop,
it ruins your dreams
sometimes within agony and despair
tears and no escape ;
I must find a tiny little window
to better days,
to have hope that love will find me again;
This path is too long;
need new kind shoes
and blue sky,
to remember who I am
love never scared me
but awakening took everything
still is waiting
for my complete disappearance!

love was easy,
but this day my mind rings,
rings and no one answers
perhaps when night falls,
fire of my heart grows inside stars,
all I need is a new promise
for a brighter day,
happier season
a new land for new roots,
no escape,
just light
in my eyes.

~ Serena Devi , December 2012~