The river


It begins like a river
Solitary turns into silent valleys
Like a dusty poetry book on the library shelf;
Waiting for you
To open and read the forgotten dried ink of feelings
Let them through time
Flower again between your palms;
Words of rain, words of mist
words of love…
rapidly traveling between edge of your feelings
and new frontiers of intimacy;
climbing, climbing
over frightening height of new discoveries
where love becomes more than words or emotional diary.

Love begins
Like a river
Meeting each leaf, stone and the casts of all floating you
In time, in its breath
light dances and you are happy,
you are worry, you are alone
you are passionate,
like poems, love has something to offer to each life,
it could be hope, faith, strength and sometimes Love is a voice of fire
A touch of rose petals
A mystery of laugh and cry;
Intense searching of your soul;
just a tasteless remedy for forgetfulness
of living in illusion of a flesh
ah, love in no inner or outer space
it is the only space
pause a while
before unhappy days
after fantastic days,
get naked from memories
from scars,
hear the murmur of her river,
feel the calm of wind on your back
and fall, fall free and deep
into your moment
from universe to universe
love is only transport;
flow in her bare breath
join the stars,
the huge nameless space
is You.

~ Serena Devi ~