Awaken dreamer


Feel the end of the breath at the edge of dream
where Buddha in you; sitting, waiting
in the place named love
receiving silent dream;
where awakening begins;
the guardians of light
descending from out of space and time
into the dream of Earth.
The unfolding of flow continues; so each soul becomes a source of light
merging, merging, into the twilight inside the earth body.
The journey is a walk, inside the breath
Where everything breathes and vibrates
Rocks, trees, the flock of seagulls
Stars and the Universe.
The evolution is a journey to power
Power beyond minds grasp
Power to destroy, to create
to become the crystal breath, the infinite energy
holding the truth.
The creation is a dream of the dreamers beyond form and space
In experimenting the images, the dreamers fell in love with themselves
Like an artist in joy of her own creation,
From this moment in time, the soul of creations moving into the dreamers dream and participate
In co-creating what appears as the world to human eyes;
We are the conscious co -creative dreamer waking up to our role in the wheel of creation as well as being seen as a dream itself;
Dream of the creation holds the ultimate power,
Power of seeing and be seen.
Seeing opens the hearts
Love reveals all answers
In magical song of infinity;
You are the dreamer who dreams You;
Conscious dream
In beauty, in love, in power
In one.

~ Serena Devi ~