every day I search for a sign of your return
and I fall in deeper love with your image in my heart
every day I see life in more amazing ways;
every day I walk on earth and smile at winds, sky and floating seagulls;
knowing this love never ends
knowing my soul is yours
my beloved twin,
my heart soars in beauty of our union,
you are part of my heart
the dream of love
I never wake up from
no more words,
feel my waiting lips
on the edge of the breath
touching the air connecting us.
our time together is here
walk into my arms
hold my tree, my stars
warmth of my body, my hunger for your manly shape
your tender touch
your breath of longing,
let love swallows us in joy of union.
no more you, or me;
only rocks, only birds
only a whole dream
of lips on lips
body next to body
love meeting love.

~ serena Devi ~