The knowing that once belonged to my breath
Now lingers on empty benches of the old dreamland;
Between fire and shadow of all the crossroads
many years, many places
I only remember his eyes.

I stand still
Before my breath touches the ceiling of the sky
And dark leaves of time cover my face;
I stand still
Between the squeezed events and heavy memories
Hope is my gravity
And earth is my freedom.

Do you see me for who I am;
Inside my woman
red cells eating my green patience
It is a mystery how the great tides
always come back to the sandy shores
And yet the one I love never returned.

I stand still, unmoved in my pain
I endured everything
I saw how my heart broke little by little under the sound of the angry crows.
I stand still in my body
Before time takes away the remaining of hope
Before time win my dreams over
I must sing with my whole heart
To all rivers and mountains
All bridges that connect me to
Trees, humans, horses and dreams;
I must call love with all my strength and faith
“Love, enter my body
Sink, slow and eternal
in a shape of a moon or a goddess kiss
quiet, width and peaceful
enter my soul,
spread your fire, warm and safe;
love, posses me “
everything has a voice
and yet my soundless tears
speak louder than hundred words;
I sing with my whole heart,
To see his eyes one more time
I sing to remember how to be a woman again,
How to feel under a man’s finger tip
How to enjoy the sound of his breath beside my throat
How to witness the unmeasured joy of giving and taking
in wholeness of body and soul.
Now, it is harder to stand still
When this shaking means something inside me
still desire to feel as a human..
I learn by loving, I forget by loving,
I wake up by loving,
I die by loving,
I only remember his eyes
Do you see me for who I am;
Only great tides know the unknown mystery of gravity
Coming back to beginning, eternal loop of love!

listen to the falling drops
on the unmoved part of my chest
everything depends on gravity
my heart stays between shores
faithful to wind and waves
dare to dance the tides
and love forever.